Couple or relationship coaching

What does couple or relationship coaching consist of?

The Process Communication Model® (PCM) offers a unique approach to couples or relationship coaching. You’ll learn how to understand each other’s communication styles and motivations, develop effective communication skills, resolve conflicts, increase intimacy and closeness, and gain self-awareness. These tools and insights can have long-term benefits for your relationship, leading to improved mutual understanding, better decision-making, and a more fulfilling partnership.

Investing in PCM relationship coaching is an investment in the health and happiness of your relationship. Let’s work together to transform your relationship and build a brighter future together.

Who can benefit from couple or relationship coaching?

Couple or relationship coaching is for anyone who wishes to improve their romantic relationship or their
relationship with a partner, friend, colleague, etc.

  • People who are married, in a couple or individuals in a romantic relationship who wish to improve their relationship through communication

  • People seeking to improve their communication and to constructively resolve specific conflicts

  • People who have difficulty establishing a healthy romantic relationship

  • Parents who want to improve communication with their children

How does couple or relationship coaching work?

Couple coaching based on the Process Communication Model® (PCM) is an approach that focuses on communication and mutual understanding between partners. It begins with a personality test of the partners completed before the first session.

Different personality types are identified, and couples learn to understand the different ways they communicate.

Then, the coach works with the partners to help them:

  • Identify the blockages or patterns in their communication that cause frustration or misunderstandings

  • Better understand the needs and motivations of the other and communicate effectively using their partner’s preferred communication channels

  • Resolve problems in the relationship by identifying signs of stress and conflict and using techniques to manage them constructively

  • Focus on their strengths to improve their relationship and avoid behaviours that can cause conflicts or tensions

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The price of relationship coaching sessions varies depending on the professional. The price includes two inventories and two meetings. The first meeting is 120 minutes long and the second meeting is 90 minutes long. We offer RITMA receipts in naturopathy for the second session. Our services are offered in French and English.

N.B: Coaching is a form of support and not psychotherapy. The guidance aims at the actualization of the potential of a person who is not in distress or suffering but expresses particular needs for personal or professional realization; there is, therefore, no diagnosis, interpretation, or treatment of pathology.

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