Professional coaching

What is professional coaching?

Professional coaching is a personal development method that aims to help people achieve their professional goals and improve their performance in the workplace.

Who can benefit from professional coaching?

Professional coaching is often used to help improve performance and achieve more effective results in their work.
With the use of NLP, executives, managers, and employees can find solutions for:

  • Career management and planning

  • Communication and conflict resolution

  • Stress management and resilience

  • Time and priority management

  • Decision-making and problem-solving

  • Leadership and team management

How does professional coaching work?

Professional coaching works by helping clients achieve their professional goals using NLP tools in a structured and individualized personal and professional development process that includes:

Establishing goals, identifying resources, developing strategies and evaluating positive and lasting results on their professional performance.

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The price of professional coaching sessions varies depending on the professional. The session lasts 55 minutes. Our services are offered in French and English.

N.B: Coaching is a form of support and not psychotherapy. The guidance aims at the actualization of the potential of a person who is not in distress or suffering but expresses particular needs for personal or professional realization; there is, therefore, no diagnosis, interpretation, or treatment of pathology.

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