PCM coaching

What does PCM consist of?

PCM is a communication and personality assessment tool that helps individuals communicate more effectively, work better together, and achieve their goals. It reveals how one perceives the world, how they communicate, how they are motivated and how they will behave in distress.

By understanding your own personality style and the styles of others, PCM Coaching can help you improve communication, reduce conflicts, enhance teamwork, increase self-awareness, and reduce stress. With its versatility, it has proven in coaching to be a valuable tool.

Who can benefit from PCM coaching ?

  • Individuals seeking to better understand and know themselves

  • Individuals seeking to understand why their relationships are not working

  • Anyone wishing to improve their communication and interpersonal relationships

  • Teams and organizations seeking to strengthen their ability to communicate effectively, manage conflicts, and develop positive and productive relationships

  • Individuals seeking personalized and effective leadership and management skills development

How does PCM coaching work?

Discover the unique structure of your personality by completing the personality inventory questionnaire that is illustrated under the captivating metaphor of a six-story building to help you visualize the different components of your personality.

This questionnaire measures the amount of energy used on each floor, which will allow us to explore together your unique personality traits, interaction styles, communication channels, and perceptions.

It’s a self-discovery process to better understand yourself and interact with others in a more authentic and fulfilling way.

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The price of PCM coaching sessions varies depending on the professional. The price includes one inventory and two meetings. The first meeting is 120 minutes long and the second meeting is 55 minutes long. We offer RITMA receipts in naturopathy for the second session. Our services are offered in French and English.

N.B: Coaching is a form of support and not psychotherapy. The guidance aims at the actualization of the potential of a person who is not in distress or suffering but expresses particular needs for personal or professional realization; there is, therefore, no diagnosis, interpretation, or treatment of pathology.

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